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atlas Lash


atlas Studio original glue『atlas lash』

Japanese top eyelist recommends our Atlas Lash.  They are less chemical and they  do excellent work on holding. Atlas Lash will protect the customer’s safety. They do not sting eye’s because they dry very quickly and low stimulated glue.

atlas lash features


  • Atlas Lash only contains 0.02 formaldehyde, very low stimulate and very less chemical that you have never seen before.
  • They dry very quickly, making the duration time shorter and they do not make the eye sting.
Viscosity Almost none
Time to dry 5 seconds
Lasting time 3 weeks to 2 months
After opening Use within 2 months
Before opening Use within 2 months


How to use

1.Shake the glue well

Carbon black has a large molecule and easy to isolate from each other inside the container.
Shake well before each use.

2.How to get out the glue from the bottle

By tilting the tip of the container, and squeezing the container carefully,
pour a proper quantity of glue on a glue tray.

3.Dip inside glue

Dip 1/3 of the eyelash extension in the glue and slide it 1-2 times horizontally.

4.Check the amount of glue

Make sure the amount of the glue is proper; there should be a 0.2mm round glue
at the tip of the root. If there is too much glue on the eyelash, remove them on to the tray.

5.Apply to original eyelash

Make sure to leave a space, about 1mm-1.5mm, from the original eyelash’s root.
After adapting the eyelash extension to the original eyelash, carefully attach
from the eyelash extension root.


※Once the glue is out of the container they will start the polymerization. If you feel the viscosity, stickiness,  has been thicker than the original, pour more glue on the tray so they will not over lap each other.

If you desire to keep the quality of the glue as when they are first opened, please use a new glue every month.


Preservation Method

Keep refrigerated in a cosmetic refrigerator.It would be better if you put a dehumidifying agent in the refrigerator as well.Take out the glue from refrigerator 1 hour before using to make it room temperature. After using the glue, wipe the mouth of the bottle before putting the cap back again.


Amount 10 ml
Main Ingredients cyanoacrylate


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