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Eyelash Extension Class

Eyelash Extension class


Atlas studio has lectures such as sanitary management based on California State Board, thorough safety, techniques to cope with various eyelashes and coping with troubles etc, and instructors will give guidance directly with high quality products.


まつ毛エクステンション スクール

Basic Class

To Learn necessary for basic eyelash extension

Basic Class - Click for details

Hours:6 hours

Tuition : $500

Product : $200

Detail :

Introduction to Extension

Basic knowledge

Basic technique

Advanced Course

To learn more knowledge and technique

Advanced Course - Click for details

Hours : 24 hours

Tuition : $1,800

Product : $300

Detail :

Basic course detail

Allergy and speciality knowledge

Touch ups

Standard design

Written test,  Practical test

Professional Course

To Learn necessary techniques in becoming a professional

Professional Course - Click for details

Hours : 42 hours

Tuition : $2,800

Product : $300

Detail :

Advanced course detail

Remedy Trouble, Claims

Bottom lash

Advanced techniques

Written test, Practical test

Skill Up Course

To learn necessary techniques in becoming an educator.

Skill Up Course

Hours : 6 hours

Tuition : $600

Detail :

Volume lash (3D Lash)

About allergy, Eyes

Advanced techniques

Touch ups

Written test, Practical test.

※ You are required to have a model to apply eyelash extensions on each course. Please have your model ready. The school can provide a model upon your request for additional $50 each session(you must call in advance).


School Hours : Tuesday to Friday (10:00 AM to 17:00 PM) You can take these classes 3hours or 6 hours a day.

Requirements :

  • You must be 16 years or older in order to apply.
  • You must be healthy.

To apply:

  • You must complete the Application Form(contact us for the form), be approved and pay *the deposit before your starting date.
  • *The amount of the deposit equals the cost of products for each course.


  • Schedules will be provided in our curriculum.

Validity period :

  • Lifetime depends on each course.

Payment :

  • Class payments, please pay the amount obtained by deducting the deposit on the day of admission.
  • If you are interested in scheduling, it can be scheduled up to THREE times.
  • If you are scheduling, it will take 3% as interest
  • Credit card payment will be (VISA, Master) in cash or check.

Notes :

  • Students are not allowed to hand over their rights to anyone else.
  • We reserve the rights to refuse to any students who disturb, and/or interrupt other students from the normal operation.

After Care :

  •  Students will be sold at a price the product.
  • Students can purchase the products from atlas studio at special discounted prices.
  • Students earn the priority registration access for the special workshops which atlas studio hosts and associates with(additional fees apply for the workshops).

Products :

  • The Class will prepare the necessary Products to class. Students have to prepare other miscellaneous goods for the courses.