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eyelash extensions


We use atlas original glue, very low in stimulus to higher the safety.  Our Eyelist will provide our customers with safe and high skills and techniques after thorough counseling.
We use silk lash that comes in variety of length, thickness, and curves.

flare eyelash extension

Bad eyelash extension application

  • Because of the flare extensions weight,they fall off quickly.
  • There will be a possibility for the original off eglashes to fall off
  • They need lots of glue, leading to make it appear white.
  • They may lead to a danger to your corned.

one by one eyelash extension – atlas Studio

best eyelash extension application atlas studio

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  • 2
  • 3

Click to see「Curl Type」 Click to se「Design」

Eyelash Extensions

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Eyelash Extensions

Full Set 100p                             $90
Extension 1p                              $1
Color Extension                        $1
Bottom Extension                    $1
Touch up (in 2 weeks)             $45
Fill in 1p                                     $1



Rhinestone (2 pieces) $1
Makeup Removal $5
Removals along with new Full Set $10
Removals previously done by Atlas $15~
Removals from Elsewhere $20
Patch Test(Allergy Test)  8 pieces $5


 Please call us at (714) 429 1048


At atlas studio, eyelash extension customers will be provided with counseling before actually placing the lashes.

Choosing designs

You will be able to choose your eyelashes length, thickness, curl, and design.
Curl Type  Design


By using a special simulating tool, you will be able to see how it will look after placing the eyelashes on.




After care explanation


We will provide information about how to take care of the eyelashes.





Placing eyelashes

We will provide the best matched eyelash to each of your original eyelashes and dry them carefully.





Please call us at (714) 429 1048