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Nail Class

Kyoko Amemiya atlas Studio Nail School


We offer a variety of classes, for people wanting to learn as a new hobby to people wanting to become a nail artist.  Students will be able to learn in an easy to learn environment with a variety curriculums and an instructor that will teach thoroughly and carefully.

About Instructor

Kyoko Amemiya

Founder of atlas studio


2008 : Nail Pro Isse Design Sculptures Nail – The second place

2008 : Nail Pro Premire Salon Success – The Second Place

2008 : Nail Pro Las Vegas Fantagy Nail – The Second Place

2008 : Nail Pro Sacramento Salon Success – The winner

2008 : Nail Pro Sacramento Sculptured Nail – The winner

2008 : Nailpro US National The Fourth Place


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California Manicurist License

Calgel International Educator

Nail de dance Educator Presto

LED Gel Educator

Vetro Instructor






Nail Course


Professional course

A course to learn necessary techniques in becoming a professional. Please pick a gel brand: Calgel, Presto, Vetro

Professional course

Hours:120 Hours

Class Fee:$3,300

Product:Cal Gel $500 Presto  $600 Vetro    $700 (Light not included)


Content:(Official Manual Used)

Basic Knowledge of nail
Tip Overlay
Sculpture Nails
French Sculpture
3D Art
Gel Technician Course
Gel Art
Gel Fill in
Gel Extension



Acrylic Nail Course

A course to learn more techniques and skill up for Sculpture nail.

Acrylic Nail Course(12 Hours)


Class Fee:$500



How to set form
How to pick powder
Natural Sculpture(Square)
Clear Sculpture(Oval)

Acrylic Nail Course(24 Hours)


Class Fee:$1,000



Color Gradation(Stiletto)
French Sculpture(Square)


3D Art Course

A course to learn how to make 3D design-How to make it

3D Art Course (6 Hours)


Class Fee:$300



Flower (3 kinds)

3D Art Course (12 Hours)


Class Fee:$500



Hello Kitty

Vetro Gel

For people wanting to learn for themselves or people wanting to become a professional nail artist,  a VETRO certified instructor will teach each student the best technique and knowledge of the nail industry, depending on their current level.

Gel Art Course

A course to learn from basic art tec to advance tec

Gel Art Course

Hours : 6 hours

Class Fee : $300

Product : Bring your own $150

Content :

Seasonal Trend Gel Art- 6 Kinds

Gel Basic Course

A course to learn from basic application of clear gel, color and how to make easy art.

Gel Basic Course

Hours : 4 hours

Class Fee : $200

Product : $100 (LED light not included)

Content :


How to apply Clear

How to apply Color

Gel Art



Gel Total Course

A course to learn from Gel Introduction, Basic application, Gel Art, Total Curriculum. Please pick a gel brand: Calgel, Presto, Vetro

Gel Total Course

Hours : 27 hours

Class Fee: $1,200

Product : Calgel $250 Presto $350 Vetro $500 (Light not included)

Content :

Introduction to nails



Gel Technician Course

Gel Extension

Gel Fill In

Seasonal Trend Gel Art -6 kinds



The soak off UV gel is very natural and does not damage the nails, they are also known as an organic gel.  While they stick closely to the nails the calgel will remain in a beautiful condition and protect the original nail as well. The class will be taught from an instructor who has the MOGA BROOK Calgel International License and you will be able to buy the products after you finish the class and receive a diploma.

Class Hours : Monday to Thursday (10:00 AM to 17:00 PM) You can take these classes 3hours or 6 hours a day.

Requirements :

  • You must be 16 years or older in order to apply.


  • Complete the Application Form and Contract Agreement and pay the deposit before your start date.
  • Choose a start date and adjust the schedule.(Please make appointments)
  • You may choose to take classes 3 hours or 6 hours a day.



  • Classes are by appointment only. Please make appointments beforehand.
  • Cancellations and changes in schedule must be notified before class.


Validity period :

  • Lifetime depends on each course.


Payment :

  • Deposits are due at application.
  • Please pay the class fee portion of the tuition o the start date.
  • Installed payments are basically not accepted
  • Payment must be made in cash or by credit card(VISA or Master).

Notes :

  • Students are not allowed to hand over their rights to anyone else.
  • We reserve the rights to refuse to any students who disturb, and/or interrupt other students from the normal operation.


Products :

  • The class will prepare the necessary Products to class. Students have to prepare other miscellaneous goods for the courses.